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Модель MUN

Dear delegates,

We would like to invite you to the 2015 Annual Model United Nations (MUN) conference which will be held at Miras International School of Almaty from the 26th February to the 28st February 2015. The format of the conference will entail a General Assembly which will consist mainly of students who are new to MUN. It is therefore envisaged that most schools attending the conference will have delegates in this committee. The General Assembly will be the largest of committees and as such promises to be an interesting arena to discuss and resolve issues.

We will have additional sub-committees which will be for the more experienced students who have knowledge of MUN conferences. Students from universities will be more likely represented in these committees but I would like to say that if students feel they could compete at that level they are most welcomed. I anticipate the age range for students at the school level to be 15 years and up, but again, this rule is not set in concrete. The maximum number of students has yet to be finalised but I think delegations of up to 10 students could be accommodated.

This event is endorsed by the United Nations Mission here in Almaty. Additionally, at Miras International School we have experienced MUN students who have been to many conferences to conduct training sessions at Miras. Our club meets every Thursday from 15.30 to 16.30 and your students are more than welcome to attend these sessions.

The format of committees will be posted on our Homepage the first week of January which will allow time to prepare resolutions for the conference. Other aspects of the conference will also be posted, including links to how to write resolutions and other necessary information. The cost of registration, is 7500 KZT, which includes meals (Breakfast and Lunch), disco and a welcome pack.
We are happy to announce that this year 70th UN Anniversary party takes place on the 28th of February and all the delegates are invited to this event. All the details will be given closer to February.

The MUN club at Miras would be greatly honored if your school could attend. If you are not the contact person for this could you please inform me of the correct contact? Please email me back your answer as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the contact points below.

School: +77272421665 Personal: +77017058734

Email: l_david@almaty.miras.kz

Kind regards,
Irina Vlasyants Mr. James Lothschutz David Liu

Head of School Secondary School Principal MUN Coordinator
Miras International School, Miras International School, Miras International School,
Almaty Almaty Almaty